Establish A Corporation In Singapore

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If you have the resources to establish a corporation in a foreign land, you may want to read at least one guide to company incorporation in Singapore. That’s because, even if you have the right amount of money to do business in Singapore, you could only establish a company there when you’d be able to process certain documents, find the right people to work with and register the name of your business. The point is that you can’t start a company in another country right away without making your enterprise become acknowledged as one that is legal or without getting the right permissions. So what are the things that you ought to exactly do to have a company site placed in Singapore, you ask? For some of the essential things that you should do as a business owner, please keep reading.

First of all, you should have solid ideas about the business that you want to set up in Singapore. Of course, it would be impossible for you to establish a corporation if you don’t even know what type of enterprise to launch. What can you sell? Is what you’re offering legal? What’s the nature of your business? You should have answers to the questions mentioned so that you could increase your chances of being allowed to create a company in Singapore. But, of course, you have to do more than just make a plan. You still have to prove to the authorities and government of Singapore that your enterprise is one that’s worth welcoming. This means that you have to show that your business could thrive once it would be established in the country. Before you even go to the Company Registrar to have the name of your company listed, there are still some things that you should do.
You can’t do business in the said country without getting a Singaporean to be a director of your company. Also, you have to find a Singaporean who can be a secretary for your enterprise too. These are just what are commonly required by the government of Singapore so you should comply if you seriously want to do business in the said country. Of course, the Singaporean citizens that you should get should also be qualified to hold the position of a director and secretary as well. You can’t just get any citizen and give the person authority to lead and manage your business so you should pick carefully. Of course, since your intention is to create a corporation, you ought to also look for at least one shareholder. If you could, though, you should search for numerous capitalists who could provide you with funding so that you may be able to possibly start a company faster. In addition, you need to set a corporate bank account for shareholders, directors or basically your company in general. Setting up such an account may require you to spend some of your money but it’s what you need for incorporation so you should have it processed.